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Locations & Histories

Kelly Street Cemetery

(Closest intersection at Bluff Road & Kelly, on the north side of Kelly)
Kelly Street was the first location of the Etz Chaim cemetery.

S. West Street Cemetery

Once our Kelly Street plots were full, a parcel was purchased around the corner. The entrance to the West Street Cemetery is on West Street.

It is customary to treat the Jewish cemetery as a holy place, therefore, men should wear a kippah or head covering when visiting Etz Chaim Cemetery.

If a loved one or friend who was a member of Etz Chaim has passed, please contact us *immediately* at 317-513-3056.

Funeral Services Used by Etz Chaim

Aaron Ruben Nelson - A.R.N.


Flanner Buchanan


Chevra Kaddisha

  • What is it?

  • Who is it for?

  • Where is it done?

  • What is the Mitzvah of Chesed?

  • How can I volunteer to perform Tahara or be a Shomer?

Etz Chaim is an Orthodox synagogue, and we adhere to the laws governing Orthodox cemetery burials in as much as is feasible and sustainable. We have made accommodations for the changing needs of our congregants and the Jewish community by creating areas where families can be buried together without compromising the integrity of the cemetery according to Jewish laws and customs.

General Cemetery Burial Rules

These are the current rules, which must be adhered to for burial in the Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation of Indianapolis’ Cemetery plots:

Both Sections: A: West Street & B: Non-Orthodox Conversions

  • In case of death of a member, wife of a member or dependent of a member under eighteen years and six months of age, the synagogue shall render the funeral services as follows:
    a. Burial Plot
    b. Religious Services

  • Children of members over eighteen years and six months of age who are not members will not receive any funeral benefits, unless they are a full-time student or in the military.

  • Only funerals accordance with Orthodox Hebrew Law and Jewish symbols are permitted at the Cemetery. The coffin must remain closed and never opened or displayed after Chevra Kaddisha is done. Only Jewish markings are permitted on headstones. Cremation is not permitted according to Jewish law. There are to be no other religious ceremonies, crosses or non-Jewish biblical, liturgical or extra canonical verses or symbols on the headstone.

  • Must be of the Jewish faith. If converted, must show conversion papers signifying that a Jewish conversion had been approved by an Orthodox rabbi.

  • People buried shall be members current in their dues to Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation or paid in full for a cemetery plot.

  • There shall be a one-time Perpetual Care charge, starting at $500, to be paid in full before burial, unless an exception is given by the President or head of the Cemetery Committee.

  • Unless a spouse has been buried previously and a space is reserved, there are no reserved spaces.

  • Cemetery plots are at no cost to members in good standing. If any past due amounts are present, the balance is to be current to receive member rights.

  • Burial rights are non-transferrable.

  • By law, all graves must have 24” of dirt on top of the grave, thus they must be 52” deep. All graves must be 42” wide by 11’ long. The headstone and bench for a single grave can only be 33” wide. Headstones and benches for a double grave can only be 56” maximum. All Benches must be approved by the Cemetery Committee.

  • No glassware or bottles are to be left on graves. Food and alcohol is not permitted on the Cemetery grounds.

Any controversies that may arise will be decided by the Cemetery Committee and Rabbi/Leader. Such a decision shall be final.

If you have any questions, please contact the office: 317-251-6220 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and someone will respond to your inquiry.

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