A $500 sholarship is available to the child of a dues paying Etz Chaim and Deborah Sisterhood member.  The applicant's family must be a member of Etz Chaim and Deborah Sisterhood for a minimum of three years, and be a member in good standing.  (An exception to dues obligation is outstanding balance on building pledge payment of which is spread out over the course of several years.) 


A letter requesting scholarship assistance must be written to the President(s) of the Deborah Etz Chaim Sisterhood 6 months prior to the applicant's travel date. The applicant must be between Bar/Bat Mitzvah age and the end of the summer after High School.


The scholarship must be used toward a trip with an organized group.  Proof of acceptance to the trip must be presented to the Deborah Etz Chaim Sisterhood.  If, for any reason, the recipient of said scholarship is unable to participate in a group trip, the money must be returned to Etz Chaim Deborah Sisterhood.

No scholarship shall exceed $500.  Only one scholarship per person.


Obligations of the person requesting the scholarship:

Attendance at Etz Chaim Synagogue services on Shabbat from 9:45am-11:45am and/or holiday services at least 12 times prior to the planned Israel trip and at least 12 hours of community service on behalf of the Synagogue from the time of submitting the application.  A Sisterhood representative will be appointed to mentor and track applicant participation to ensure qualification for a scholarship.  Community service will be determined and supervised by Sisterhood mentor and may include activities such as; kitchen help, participation in planning a major event, assisting with childcare services, etc. Family members may not be appointed as mentors.

The awarding of all scholarships and any waiver of obligations shall be brought to the Deborah Sisterhood Board for a vote, and must be approved by a majority of those present.  The voting shall take place at a bi-monthly Deborah Sisterhood Board Meeting, by secret ballot.  Family members of the candidate must waive their voting right.  The youth candidate must have already met the above mentioned qualification guidelines.


The decision to award a scholarship, once made by the sisterhood, is final.