Jewish Heritage and Holidays in ASL (American Sign Language) was started to provide Jewish Deaf access to our religion and our heritage.

JHAH was started in 1999, and in 2000 became a project of the Deborah Sisterhood of Etz Chaim Congregation. For the many thousands of Deaf Jews in the United States, there are very few educational resources. While trying to find appropriate materials for our local Jewish Deaf population, we realized that we were going to have to create our own. We also realized that other communities and individual families were struggling to provide an education for their deaf members and children, and we felt that making our videos available to them was providing a necessary service to the greater Jewish community.

These videos are available , free of charge, to Jewish Deaf and to parents of Jewish Deaf children.

Videos Currently available:

1: Purim 
2: Passover 
3: The Holocaust: An Interview With Samuel landau 
4: Simon Carmel: The Holocaust/ A Deaf Perspective 
5: David L. Bloch: Holocaust Artist and Survivor 
6: Food Brachot (Blessings) and the Meaning of the Sh’ma 
7: What is the Meaning of Kosher Sex? Having Jewish Values in a Relationship 
8: Midrashic and Rabbinic Stories 
9: The Jewish Response to Missionaries 
10: Hanukkah 
11: Jewish History Part One: Abraham to the Time of the Judges
12: Jewish History Part Two: Samson  to Ezra and Nehemiah 
13: Jewish History Part Three: Alexander the Great to Martin Luther
14: Jewish History Part 4
15: Jewish History Part 5
16: Jewish History Part 6
17: Shabbat
18: Tefillah for Sephardic Services - Daily and Shabbat
19 "Soul and the Afterlife" by Lori Palatnik
20: Sukkot and Simhat Torah

Videos in ASL (Courtesy of youtube.com)

Blessing for wine
Blessing before eating bread
Blessing for Lighting Candles for Shabbat
Blessing Before Reading the Haftorah
Blessings After reading the Haftorah
Blessing for Washing Hands  before eating

Jewish History – topic #1- Abraham
Jewish History- topic #2- the Sacrifice of Isaac
Jewish History- topic #3- Rebekkah
Jewish History- topic- The Ghetto

Midrashic Stories #1- Abraham and the Broken Idols
Midrashic Stories #2- Why was the Torah Given to the Jews?
Midrashic Stories #4- Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Passover-Asking the Four Questions
Passover- Blessings for Matzah
Passover- Karpas

Rabbinic Stories #9- the Maggid of Mezrich
Rabbinic Stories #10- The Hidden Tzaddik
Rabbinic Stories #14- Rabbi Yosef Charif

Soul and the Afterlife

Sponsoring Videos

If you are interested in making a donation to help with this project please contact us. We send cards for various occasions including Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding and condolences. Sign charts are also available.

There are also opportunities to sponsor a video or part of a video. This includes a nice message to this effect placed at the beginning of the video.