Our previous Siddurim served us very well over the last 60 years and we are hopeful that Siddur ZY will last just as long.  We are excited that with advances in publishing that the improvements will provide for a better prayer experience for our members and guests.

We would like to upgrade to new Siddurs. We have selected the "Siddur Zehut Yosef" which was written in Seattle specifically for the communities of Rhodes and Turkey. The customs followed with Zehut Yosef more accurately reflect our practices and that of the founders of Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation who mostly came from Monastir and Salonika.  This siddur was reviewed by many of our regulars and selected from a panel of which included all of the currently available Sephardic Siddurim.


These goal for this campaign is $5,000.  If you are interested in dedicating all of our new Siddurim by offering a matching "challenge" grant, please call the office!

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Thank You,

The Board and Staff of Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation 


  • A note for those who print these pages; Some of the pages contain the name of G-d, they should be treated like the pages of any other prayer book and disposed of properly when no longer required. To view the online samples, you must have a HEBREW font installed on your computer.

 Page 34 Hebrew and English (beginning pages of the Amidah)

siddur341 siddur34a1

 (Seder Mesirat Moda'a - 13 Principles of Faith)


siddur4431 siddur443a1


 Page 259 Hebrew and Ladino (Pirkeh Avot - Ethics of the Fathers)

 Pages 386 & 387 from the Tu Bishvat (Frutikas) Service